Instruments Fixed on Seabed

This function provides information on when, where and what kind of ocean observation instruments are operating or have been conducted on the seabed. As the information from oceanographic research organizations arrives at the JODC, they are immediately registered into the JODC's data base to make them searchable via Internet.
The JODC was recommended by the 52nd Council for Ocean Development in 1994 to manage the information on Instruments fixed on the seabed to prevent any unexpected troubles in the observations. Furthermore, the Council stressed the importance of the management to understand the present situation of the ocean researches in the exclusive economic zone. Finally it has been implemented by the JODC since January 1995.
Access provides observation distribution map to search a specific point, latitude and longitude of the point, starting and ending date of observation, moored depth, type of instrument, contact point (Japanese).


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Last update : July 2, 1999