Ocean Current Data

This file contains current data by using ship drift, GEK, ADCP and ARGOS drifting buoy. ARGOS position was calculated by the interpolation position from two data. Temperature and Salinity are measurements of the sea surface water obtained by IT or BE in parallel with the ocean current observation.
It has been able to download data in ODV spreadsheet and NetCDF, besides JODC standard format (FETI format), since September 2003.

Data Source:Domestic Marine Agencies and NODC
Geographical Area:Worldwide oceans
Time Period:1854-2010
Data Volume:8,952,418 stations
Retrieval Key:Country Code, Institution Code, Ship Code, Observed Area(Lat., Lon.), Project Code

Data Type
IDData TypePeriodVolume
51Ocean Current1854-20108,952,418
01Sea Surface Temperature1993-200838,142
02Sea Surface Salinity1993-20085,485

CDShip drift1854-19934,424,615
CVARGOS drifting buoy1987-200073,353
BECooling water measurement1993-199831,136
ITIntake method1993-200810,771

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