This International planning and co-ordination of the International Geosphere-Biospere Programme: A study of Global Change (IGBP) is currently supported by IGBP National Committees, the International Council of Scienctific Unions (ICSU), the European Commission, the Swedish Council for Planning and Coordination of Research (FRN), Swedish Department of Education, and the Research Council of Norway. The Programme was instituted by ICSU in 1986, and the IGBP Secretariat was established at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm, in 1987.

IGBP Reports are available free of charge from : The IGBP Secretariat, Box 50005, S-104 05, Stockholm, Sweden.

The list of IGBP reports and the holding status at JODC are shown as following;

  • IGBP Report Series
  • Book of Abstracts
  • IGBP Booklet and Brochures
  • Global Change: Reducing Uncertainties
  • IGBP NewsLetter
  • IGBP Directory
  • IGBP Science Report Series

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